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Thursday, 2 May 2013

10 Good things right now..or maybe 8!!

So let's hope I don't jinx myself but I am going to give this a go!

1.The weather is changing. I live in Brisbane which would be considered Sub-Tropical and we can have very hot steamy summers. Don't get me wrong I do love summer but some years the humidity really wipes me out. Slowly the days have started to cool down and the nights are glorious...time for my snuggly crocheted blankets for the lounges.

2. My dogs leg is starting to improve. We have one very loved, very spoilt golden labrador that we all just adore. Since he was about 3 he has had trouble with his knee joint on one leg. He is now nine and recently it was giving him a lot of problems but we are now on a new routine of medicaton and we are starting to see some improvement.

3. I have made a few more sales of my crochet blankets on line. I cannot believe how excited I get when I make a sale. I make just for the sheer joy of it and when somebody else chooses to own one of my creations it just give me such a high.

4. All my children seem to be going ok at the moment. It's funny about being a parent, you think that as they get older you will worry about them less but that is so not the way it is. You just have different things to worry about and having 3 daughters, 25, 23 and 18 there is usually some drama happening in somebody's life

5. Work......I have had such a busy term so far....haha the two weeks that I have been back from holidays. Seriously, I love my job as a Special Education Teacher and everyday is certainly different with its range of challenges.

6. I received an email today inviting me to join a #Post Circle. I was reading about this here and thought what a great idea. I once had a Norwegian penpal when I was about 10 years old but it fizzled out after about 3 letters. I love the idea of actually writing a letter. Penmanship was always one of my best subjects at school and I enjoy writing in long hand.

7. Soup...I love it when the days get a bit cooler and we can start eating soup. We aren't big meat eaters in this family so most of our soup is vege based. My favourite at the moment is Sweet potato and corn from here.

8. Family....I love my family dearly and am looking forward to catching up with them all very soon. Unfortunately we live 1000km apart but as my eldest daughter is currently working for an airline we are able to get some good prices to travel so hopefully we can visit more often.

 9. Hmm I think I am running out of things...what about health and fitness. I am just about to start on a new fitness program. The senior students at school studying Fitness are training teachers and I have nominated to be one of the 'guinea pigs'. Time will tell!

10. Yes I made it to 10! Friends, I have some very close girlfriends, some of them going through some 'heavy' stuff at the moment and this makes you appreciate what you have and also what great support we bring for each other in times of need.

Well I did manage to find 10 good things. It's difficult to think over your life and try to be specific about what is good for you right now. This will definitely make me look closely at each day and see the good in what's happening 'now' and not be constantly planning and thinking of the past or the future.

Anny :)

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Helen said...

Hello! This is Helen from your #postcircle group! Unfortunately it's stalled at me before it's even got going, things have just been so busy recently, but wanted to let you know I am following your blog (glad to see you've picked it back up) and that I've just mailed something out to you (sorry if it's meant to be a surprise!).