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Friday, 26 April 2013

Rice Pudding alter ego!

So, I forgot to add in my random facts last post that I have started selling my crochet on line. Yes I have opened both an Etsy shop and a Madeit shop.
I was taught to crochet when I was about 8 years old and fiddled around for a few years but really knitting was my 'thing'. Then I went to university and was busy, young and 'cool'. Then I married and had children...I did still knit the occassional jumper or hat but didn't really have much time with 3 small daughters. I think I found my crochet mojo again about five years ago. My hands needed to be busy, especially in the evening in front of  the television. So I started to crochet again and OMG am I now obsessed. I think my family would even say I neglect them for my crochet....bah humbug!!
 So what was I going to do with all this crochet...I live in the sub-tropics and my youngest daughter is 17 and no grandchildren in sight. Therefore to justify my yarn stash to my huband I decided I would give selling a go.
 So far so good...I have sold about 10 blankets and that has kept me motivated to keep going. I still work fulltime as a teacher so I am time limited but I'm pottering away at night and just adding blankets to the sites as I complete them. Please take a look and I would love to get some feedback.

One last thing....why Rice Pudding Baby?? My Mum was a major part of my life and my favourite food that she used to make was her Rice add Baby and that's what I ended up with...a bit of Mum, a bit quirky, a lot crafty.


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