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Saturday, 22 June 2013


I am a list person! I love to write lists. You either are or you aren't and I am. My Mum was a list writer and I still have scraps of paper with her lists written on them...precious memories

 I find it helps me to gather my thoughts and put them in order. It also keeps me on track....yes I am also a procrastinator...big time. So, if I write a list I at least have it in writing what I need or want to do.

Today I am going to start writing the list of things I would like to do these holidays. It will be a mix of need to, want to, have to and love to.

Need to
  • Hairdresser - love this too as she serves the best coffee
  • Scrub all bathrooms
  • Vacuum house thoroughly
  • Weed garden and trim and clean-up pot plants
  • Organise my daughters 18th Birthday evening - BBQ and Bonfire ( I live with a family of Pyromaniacs)
  • Hand washing - you know those things that always end up at the bottom of the basket until you have more time
  • Clean and sort out my bedroom..... those little things that need to be put away in the right place but just don't over time!

Want to
  • Walk every day for at least one hour
  • Take my dog for his daily he has gotten older this has become a twenty minute daily sniff-fest. We just go for a wander and he can sniff whatever he passes.
  • Cook yummy healthy meals
  • Soup - experiment with some new soup recipes
  • Organise my craft room - my daughter moved out 6 months ago and her room was meant to become a guest /craft room. So far it is only a guest room so I need to 'claim my space'!

Have to
  • Write and send some letters to my Post circle (If anyone is reading this I am so sorry about being so disorganised and slow about this)
  • Shop - I need new shoes and clothes for work. I might just need to combine that with lunch with a girlfriend (so that could also go in the love category)
  • Take my daughter to her optometrist appointment. She needs her eyes checked every six months and scarily her eyesight deteriorates a little each time.

Love to
  • Fly to Sydney to visit my Dad
  • Road trip with my sisters (5 hour drive up the coast to my Dad's house to clean it and sort it out before selling. Fun times with my 3 sisters, no kids for three days)
  • Celebrate my youngest daughters 18th birthday
  • Catch up with friends that you have trouble fitting in when working fulltime
  • Crochet - what more can I say....time to crochet, finish a few things for my shop, take better photos for my shop (not my best talent)
  • Read - more books and less internet. I love reading blogs but I must admit that the online community can consume you and you find that hours have gone past very quickly.
  • Sit in the winter sun. I love winter living in Brisbane. We do have very cold nights but the average daily temp is usually at least 20 degrees Celsius.

Wow what a list, lucky I have 15 days left to do all this.

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