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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hello...........................Is there anybody out there???

It has been so long since I last wrote and so much has been happening. I'm thinking of trying again bit by bit, maybe try a post a week.

My business Rice Pudding Baby is powering on. I have had a shift and am now making crocheted dolls as well as blankets. Dolls are more popular and faster to make so they are dominating my time at the moment. Juggling this with a fulltime job can be challenging especially when crocheting is what I would love to do fulltime..........ah retirement how close are you???? Not close enough as my husband reminds me! Oh well at least I will be busy in retirement when I finally get there.

Ok, busy day planned and unfortunately not a happy one. A dear friend that I work with passed away last week and her funeral is today. It is going to be very sad and very, very big. She was a much loved teacher at the school and colleagues and students past and present will be attending. Her favourite colour was pink so I think it will be a sea of pink.

Be back soon


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