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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I am so sorry...I am not a good blogger!!

 I started this blog during our summer holidays. Being a teacher I had plenty of time over the holidays to spend time reading blogs. This inspired me to start my own very spontaneously late one night. All was going well until school went back and my time was a lot more limited.

 One of my favourite things about my favourite blogs is the photos. They inspire me to keep crafting, decorating, cooking, travelling....being!! The world is out there and through this window I am able to peek into the lives of others.

So, you say where are all your photos! What does your world look like? What are you making, doing, cooking??? This is where I am failing as a blogger. I need to take more photos but at the moment I need to organise my camera.

I grew up in the era of the film camera. That's right..take two shots of the same scene just in case the first one isn't great. Put the film aside to be taken to be developed....many months later actually do it. After much expense you get your envelope back of very poorly lit, badly framed, double shots.

So when digital photography came in I wasn't in the habit of taking photos and having a camera with me at all times. Yes I have probably missed many significant moments in my children's lives.

A few years ago we upgraded our camera for a trip to Vietnam. We had such a memorable trip and I treasure the photos we have of this family time together. From this I realised that I need to be recording these special moments more often.

 So what happened you ask?

 My camera broke....and I need to either get it fixed or replace it. Time once again has gotten in my way....this blog is my motivation to resolve this problem. I want to show you what I am making, doing, cooking, living, creating, being...............

Please watch this space...I will be back to show you my world.

Anny :)


Vicki said...

Yep love a good photo Anne!

Juliab said...

My sister has been to Vietnam - she loved it. Can't wait to see more photos soon. x

achan said...

The joys of blogging!! It is an up and down journey sometimes. I have so many beautiful photos of my travels too but they were all taken on still DSL, I'm now in the process of having all my negatives put onto CD. I'm just glad that I never threw anything away : ) and this being the technology hubb of the world it only costs about $4 per roll!!

Looking forward to seeing what your're friend is knitting me a shawl at the moment