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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Glam shots

Okay I have found a camera with a battery that works. I have taken a few quick shots to reassure people that I do crochet. Unfortunately I am not really a photographer. I think I might need to glam up my shots a bit!

Lots of little pieces to put together for a baby blanket!

My very messy work multi colour ripple waiting for it's border and one queen size ripple that needs some attention soon if it is going to be ready for my sister's wedding present.

So, now I've got this photo thing sorted I plan to have some tadah moments coming up...stay tuned!

Anny :)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it. Vicki x

Suburbia said...

My granny taught me to crotchet, I wish I could remember how to do it now!

Thanks for visiting me :)