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Saturday, 3 March 2012


What an exhausting afternoon I have had!

Beach wedding!

This afternoon my husband and I sat down to plan our trip down south to my sister's wedding. My goodness I didn't realise how brain racking it would be!

One of my younger sisters is getting married at the end of April so our family are making the trek down to Sydney for the occassion. This involves 10 flights, 3 motel rooms, 1 hire car and I am sure knowing my daughters a lot of luggage.

What should have been a reasonably simple procedure was made more complex by the fact that everyone is arriving and departing at different times and on different days. At one stage I had 3 tabs open on my computer and was trying to flick back and forth coordinating flights while getting the best price... aaahhhh!!!!

So as of now I have 10 flights booked, 3 rooms reserved (hubby needs to ring back with credit card details) and hopefully a car booked (not too sure about that one as the site dropped out).

So, the hard stuffs done, now to really get organised for this wedding: finish crocheting the queen size ripple blanket for the wedding present, buy a new outfit, book a hairdressers appointment, get a carer for our dog, schedule a few days off work, make sure hubby's suit is clean, keep an eye on the girl's packing of their luggage...................

Lucky I have 7 weeks to go.....


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Vicki said...

I'm sure it will be worth it once you get there....organising trips is always the hardest bit...the rest is always fun. vic x