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Friday, 9 March 2012

Thank goodness it's Friday!!

Oh boy, I am sitting on my lounge enjoying a glass of wine reflecting on a 'big week'. We are now into Week 7 of the term and  on the countdown...three weeks to go. The first term of the year in Australia is always the most exhausting one.

My year started poorly. Our school's library was extensively damaged by fire over the summer holidays and yes, my office was situated in that building. So for the last six weeks we have been surviving with no work space, no resources and coping with anxious kids that had lost their 'safe place'.

Last week our temporary accommodation was ready to move in to. When they say temporary I think that may mean at least 12 months or more!!! So what was salvaged from the wreckage was returned to us this week in many boxes that then needed to be unpacked.  Dirty, heavy, sweaty work but also very rewarding to get our space up and running again. Gradually over the week we have managed to make this space into our 'home' again.

Now let the year begin proper!!

Anny :)

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