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Monday, 23 January 2012

Good result!

Yay my week of anxiety is over.

 In my mail box this afternoon was my letter from Breast Screen Queensland to say 'they are pleased to inform me that no sign of breast cancer was found in my recent mammogram'. Another year until my next check.

I had my first mammogram at 40 years of age. This was a very stressful time as my mother had passed away from breast cancer. They did find a lump that day and it was biopsied. My family and I (I have 3 sisters) had a very anxious weekend waiting for the pathology results. They returned as inconclusive and I was sent to a specialist for further consultation. He went on to take another biopsy (OMG I had that bruise for a month) and more days of anxious waiting. A few days later my husband and I returned to the doctor to be told the lump was benign, however atypical and it would be best removed. A week later I had this lump removed.

So far 10 years later I have been lucky and had no more lumps but each year I have to endure that week of waiting and hoping that all is well for another year

Please never be deterred from having a mammogram. Yes it may be uncomfortable but it is really important for early detection. Breast screening is free for women over 50 in Australia and if you have a family history or have a concern it can be as low as 40 years.

So please if you are overdue for your next mammogram  make that tomorrow's job to do...make that appointment!

Anny :)



achan said...

and can I add don't rely solely on the mammogram. My mum had hers four years ago and it was clear then 6 weeks later she detected a lump during her own self examination. It was stage 2 cancer and was successfully removed within two weeks after which she had radiotherapy (I think). The mammogram didn't detect it and if she had of waited until her next scheduled mammogram she would have been very sick.

I'm glad your results came back as positive ones Anny. I can really feel your relief.

Unfortunately I can't have any breast examination here while pregnant up until 6 months after I stop breastfeeding...that's going to be almost two and a half years in total. Self examination :)

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Having your boobs squished shouldn't be this unappealing - it's something I dread as well but it has to be done :-( I'm glad you got the all clear, you're off the hook now till the next examination!

Little Home In The Country said...

Thanks for the reminder! On the list for tomorrow...