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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My own Stylecraft Special DK


When I first started reading blogs...long before I started this one, I was intrigued with the variety of yarn available around the world. One yarn that popped up many times that people always enjoyed working with was Stylecraft Special DK. The colours people were using were so bright and colourful. The range was so diverse and I wasn't able to get anything near it here in Brisbane Australia.

So I just had to have myself some!! Much to my husband's protests of "Oh no you don't need more wool, what about all that wool in the basket, what's the difference with this one?" So I found myself a good distributor here and sent off my order.

To say I was excited was an understatement and each morning my kids thought I was mad as I waited to see if my package would arrive. Luckily it only took seven days to get here from the UK. I had ordered the set lot of 17 colours so it was a big package and I really didn't know what I was going to do with 17 x 100gm balls of yarn at this stage (I did have a very large project in my basket at the time that did have a time limit on it as it was a gift)

 Anyway I laid out the colours in a range of different combinations, humming and hahing, this way that way until I decided with inspiration from here what I was going to do.

One night I just had to have a quick go of using the yarn...just to feel how it felt on the hook , how it looked crocheted, the density, the softness, the smoothness!!! Yes that's right I couldn't stop, yes I started a ripple, yes I have become obsessed, yes every spare minute I have is spent rippling...I know, I know I shouldn't have started.....Oh but I'm so glad I did!!

PS. pictures to come when I find the camera!!!!

Anny xx


Jules said...

Lucky you with your new wool!! the colours are great, I am sure your ripple will be gorgeous. I have been thinking of ordering some wool online too, I usually just go to the local wool shop and use the brand Heirloom Wool a fair bit (they have a good wool called Colorworks with lots of good colours, Australian made too)), but I am feeling the urge to try out some different yarns, so online I will go! Look forward to your piccys! Cheers Jules:)

Francesca said...

I can totally imagine and relate to the excitment - 17 different color yarns sound like a wonderful present to yourself! Happy crocheting! :)

joanne said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, look forward to seeing the pictures of your ripple.
A ripple is what is on my next big project list when I finally finish my hexagon!!!

CheeKeeLee said...

Thank you so much for this blog entry! I've been drooling over the beautiful coloured yarns used in (UK) crocheted blankets for ages but didn't know the brand they used! Thank you also for the online store :)