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Monday, 9 January 2012


Well I managed to publish my first post and include a photo woohoo!! I am slowly working my way through the intricacies of blogging. I love the liberty of late nights when on holidays!!
So a bit more info about me:
  • I'm currently on holidays as I am a teacher...10 days left until the start of term aaah (don't panic that date is for teachers)
  • I love craft. I originally trained as an Art teacher but over time I have moved into Special Ed so all kinds of craft satiates my creative urge
  • Crochet is my current obsession. I have two ripple blankets on the go at the moment (one for my sister's wedding present and the other 'just because'). I know other crafters will get that but unfortunately my family don't.
  • I was born and grew up in Sydney Australia but 10 years ago this week my hubby, 3 daughters and I moved to Brisbane....better lifestyle and more affordable place to live
 It's been a really hot day here today....fortunately we have a pool and have spent many hours in it today cooling off. We have switched the air con on for a few hours now which means I can sit back and enjoy a bit of crochet time....

I'm going to have to get used to taking more photos for this blog!!!



Jules said...

Hellon Anny, I hope you enjoy your blogging experience, I think it is a great hobby and their are so many interesting blogs out there, and lovely people behind them! I too am a crocheter, it is such a rewarding craft, speedy and beautiful, addictive! Hope you stay cool in Brissy, we are not so hot at the moment in Melbourne, but I am sure there is more heat on the way.
Have a good day, Jules :)

achan said...

Anny welcome to blogging. Gee you managed to work out Blogger...I find it is so temperamental. I've struggled all day to post this comment it just doesn't like me sometimes!!
I'm a crafty person too, ad
dicted to cross stitching but don't have the time to do them, a lot of PIW'S (projects in work!!) which no one gets here either.

I'm a Sydney girl originally too but could never move back there it's just to hectic. I have relatives living in Taigun (Brissie).

BTW how did you manage to stumble on my blog?

Andrea at Apples and Pears said...

welcome to blogland Anny! I have been doing over a year and it is amazing how much like a community it feels. I hope you have lots of fun xxx

Vicki said...

Just returning the love. Welcome to Blog Land, enjoy, Vicki x

D & L said...

Hi , I am a special ed teacher too, and a crochet fanatic, and hoping to start blogging on my crochet! ( I already have a photography blog with a friend). I am at the top of the Blue Mountains and it's been massively hot here too- no pool for us though. Would spend too much time with ice over it in winter- haha! Good luck with your blog- I shall keep an eye on it with interest.